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Bakersfield Lawyer Handling Quiet Titles

Several situations may call for a quiet title action. You could be purchasing or selling a property and you need to take care of a cloud on the title. Or, you might be involved in a dispute and need a quiet title to establish your rights as the true owner of a property. Quiet titles can be complicated, as with many real estate matters. Let an experienced Bakersfield attorney handling quiet titles guide you through the process and protect your rights. Scott D. Perlman is a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in real estate law and other complex legal areas.

Fixing Title Defects in Real Property

Obtaining a quiet title can be a crucial step in a real estate transaction. Typically, the action is necessary when something happened in your property's history that left a defect or cloud on its title. For example, an unclear transfer of the property may have taken place in the past due to an inheritance or quitclaim deed.

At Law Offices of Scott D. Perlman, we are familiar with the quiet title process and can efficiently guide you through it. Mr. Perlman will conduct all of the necessary research, manage the paperwork and legal documentation, and ensure that all defects on the title are put to rest, establishing a single owner of the property. If it is not possible to determine true ownership of the property, a lawsuit may be necessary, and we are prepared to provide you with vigorous representation.

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